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November 27, 2017

I am a visual artist creating in the fields of illustration, comics, wall paintings, object design, theatre scenography and text writing on the international level (Ljubljana, Lisbon, Berlin, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).

I have been working successfully as a freelancer for about a decade. After giving birth two years ago I experienced a radical transformation. It was a fierce cut into my independent self-sufficient creative male energy. Suddenly I was forced to become a mature and responsible woman and a caring mother. The times were turbulent in all aspects - our newly established trinity has been moving around Europe in a high pace. Full of hormones and prolonged postpartum depression it felt like being constantly  projected onto the rocks by huge and powerful waves of a foreign ocean. I basically lost my creative self within which lies the core of my being. I have been struggling with the idea of being exclusively the one that takes care of the child and the household while the man is a breadwinner of the family. There was no job waiting for me, I felt abandoned and forgotten by the artistic world. I stopped drawing, I was afraid to draw, I would not do it even for my own son. Until the day when he got a box of colour pencils and a notebook as a present, which occured to me as a powerful sign. We started drawing together: him the sea, me his toys and fish from his “Book of the Seas”. Those drawings showed me a path which could take me back to my creativity. Gradually I stopped fighting, I started accepting and transforming, embracing my female energy that had long been repressed. I have finally completed the graphic novel that I started during my pregnancy, my art is becoming softer and gentler. My child transformed me as an artist irreversibly. I am upgrading and progressing as an artist and a mother on daily basis by combining the power of my family and the energy of my artistic creation.


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